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This Church acknowledges as its sole head, Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the Savior of man. It acknowledges as brothers in Christ, all of the visible saints, called and separated from the world by the Word and Spirit of God It acknowledge the power and presence of the Holy Spirit; and trust Him to prosper its' creative and redemptive work in the world. It claims as its' own, the faith of the historic church expressed in ancient creeds; and reclaimed in the basic insights of the Protestant Reformers, emphasized by Baptist in the Baptist Articles of Faith. It affirms the responsibilities of the church in each generation to make this faith its' own. It recognizes two sacraments: Baptism and The Lords Supper, or Holy Communion.

Article I - Name and Address

This body shall be known as the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, located at 837 Rice Cemetery Road, Belton, South Carolina 29627.

Article II - Policy

The government of the church is vested in the body of the believers who composes it. It is subject to the control of no other ecclesiastical body; but, it recognizes and sustains the obligations of mutual counsel and cooperation which are common among Baptist Churches. Insofar as is practical, this Church will cooperate with and support the Associations, State and National Conventions and or others affiliated with the Baptist Faith. The Church will select its' affiliation at its' own discretion. In addition, we will support organizations of our choice which contributes to the relief of human sufferings and or other humanitarian efforts.

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Article III-Doctrine

Section 1- Statement of Faith:
The Holy Bible is the inspired Word of God; and is the basis for any statement of faith.

Section 2 - Church Covenant:
Having been led, as we believe, by the Spirit of God to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior; and on the profession of our faith, having been baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, we do now in the presence of God, angels and this assembly, most solemnly and joyfully enter into covenant with one another, as one body in Christ.

A. My Covenant Concerning My Church:

  • We engage, therefore, by the aid of the Holy Spirit, to walk together in Christian love (John 13:34-35).
  • To strive for the advancement of this church, in knowledge, holiness, and comfort(II Timothy 2:15; Ephesians 4:3).
  • To promote its' prosperity and spirituality (Philippians 1:27; II Corinthians 7:1).
  • Sustain its' worship, ordinances, discipline, and doctrines (Hebrews 10:25, Matthew 28:19, I Corinthians 7:12; Jude 3).

B. My Covenant Concerning My Stewardship:

  • To contribute cheerfully and regularly to the support of the ministry (I Corinthians 16:2; II Corinthians 8:6-7).
  • The expense of the church (Malachi 3:8-10).
  • The relief of the poor (Matthew 25:34-40).
  • And the spread of the gospel through all nations (Matthew 28:19-20; Acts 1:8).

C. My Covenant Concerning My Home:

  • We also engage to maintain family and secret devotions (I Thessalonians 5:17-18; Acts 17:11).
  • To religiously educate our children (II Timothy 3:15; Deuteronomy 6:4-7; Ephesians6:1-4).
  • To seek the salvation of our kindred and acquaintances (Acts 1:8; Matthew 4:19; Psalms 126:5-6; Proverbs 11:30).

D. My Covenant Concerning My Conduct:

  • To walk circumspectly in the world (Ephesians 5:15-21; II Peter 3:11).
  • To be just in our dealings (Romans 12: 17).
  • Faithful in our engagements (Romans 13:8; Revelation 2: 10).
  • Exemplary in our deportment (Romans 14:13; I John 2:10).
  • To avoid all tattling, backbiting, and excessive anger (Ephesians 4:31; I Peter 2:21-23; Colossians 3:8; James 3:1-2; Proverbs 26:20).
  • To abstain from the sale of, and the use of intoxicating drinks as a beverage (Ephesians 5:18; Habakkuk 2:15; Proverbs 20:1).
  • To be zealous in our efforts to advance the kingdom of our Savior (Titus 2:14, 3:8; Ephesians 2: 1 0).

E. My Covenant Concerning My Relationship to Fellow Church Members:

  • We further engage to watch over one another in brotherly love (1 Peter 1:22; Philippians 2:4).
  • To remember one another in prayer (James 5:16).
  • To aid one another in sickness and distress (Galatians 6:2; James 2: 14-17).
  • To cultivate Christian sympathy in feeling and Christian courtesy in speech (1 Peter 3:8-11).
  • To be slow to take offense, but always ready for reconciliation and mindful of the rules of our Savior to secure it without delay (Ephesians 4:30-32; Matthew 5:23-24, 18:15-17).

F. My Covenant Concerning My Church Membership:

  • We moreover engage that when we remove from this place, we will, as soon as possible, unite with some other church where we can carry out the spirit of this covenant and the principles of God's Word (I Corinthians 4:2).

Article IV - Church Membership

Section 1 - Admission of Members:
Persons may be received into membership by any of the following methods, subject in each case to the recommendation of the membership and the vote of the church.

A. By Baptism:
A person who confesses Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and adopts substantial views of faith and principles of this church, and is baptized by immersion, may be received into the fellowship of the church.

By Letter:
A person who is substantial in accord with the views of faith and the principles of this church may be received by letter from any other Baptist Church.

By Experience:
A person may become a member by Christian experience, if he or she was a member of a Baptist Church and after exemplifying loyalty to Christ and faithfulness for six months, will become a full member.

By Watch Care:
A person who is a member of another Baptist Church, but is sojourning in this community for a period of time, may be received in to the membership of the church. Students may unite under watch care while they are enrolled in a local institution of learning. A person under watch care will have all the rights and privileges of members except that of voting.

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Section 2 - Dismissal of Members:
A. By Letter:
Any member may transfer his or her letter to another church.

B. By Statement:
Any member in good standing may be granted a certificate of standing for the purpose associating himself or herself with any evangelical church other than a Baptist Church.

C. By Exclusion:
Any member who is proven to be unworthy, his or her connection with the body is dissolved, and membership ceases until repentance (Matthew 18:15-17; I Corinthians 5:9-13, and The Hiscox Guide for Baptist Churches).

D. By Death:
The death of a member of course dissolves the relationship.

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Article V - Pastor

Section 1 - Function and Responsibilities:
The Pastor with the assistance of the Deacon's Ministry shall be the spiritual leaders of the church in accordance with (I Timothy 3:8-13). His primary responsibilities shall be to preach the gospel, teach the scripture, administer the sacraments, minister to those in need of pastoral care; and enlist others as followers of Christ. He shall have under his care all services of public worship. He shall be an ex-official member of all ministries and committees. He shall make reports to the Deacon's Ministry or the church assembly. He shall administer the activities of the church in cooperation with the various ministries, committees, and officers. The pastor should be the moderator and shall preside at all business meetings of the church except when he appoints someone else.

Section 2 - Selecting a Pastor:
The Pulpit Committee shall consist of nine members appointed by the Deacon's Ministry; and composed of the following members: two Deacons, two Trustees, and one member from the Missionary Ministry, the Usher's Ministry, Choir Ministry, Christian Education Ministry; and Youth Ministry. The chairman of the Deacon's Ministry shall serve as chair of this committee. A quorum of five present is necessary for a decision.

A. It shall be the responsibility of the Pulpit Committee to seek between one to three candidates for a vacancy for a vacancy in the office of pastor before making a recommendation.

B. The Pulpit Committee may request from the Rocky River Baptist Association, or any Association's relevant information about any minister whom it wishes to consider for the vacancy.

C. The call of a pastor shall come before the church at a regularly called business meeting. Notice of such meeting and its purpose having been announced on two (2) successive Sundays. A vote of two thirds (2/3) of the members present and qualified to vote shall be necessary to extend a call. Only one candidate shall be presented to the church at any one regular meeting. The vote shall be by written ballot.

Section 3 - Salary and Vacation:
The pastor shall be called for an indefinite period of time. The salary shall be fixed at the time of the call and may be changed by vote of the church at annual conference providing that such a change has been considered by the Deacons and Trustees' Ministries in a joint meeting. The salary shall be paid in bi-monthly or monthly installments as desired by the pastor. The pastor shall be given annual vacations as follows: One year - one week, three years - two weeks, six years - three weeks, nine years - four weeks, and fifteen years - five weeks.

Section 4 - Resignation and Termination:
The pastor's term of office may be ended by ninety days of notification on the part of the pastor or church by mutual consent. Termination of the office shall be voted on at a called business meeting, notice of such meeting and its purpose having been read on two successive Sundays. A vote of two thirds (2/3) of the members present and qualified to vote shall make a valid termination of said office by written ballot.

Section 5 - Assistant Pastors:
In the event the church considers it wise to have one or more assistant pastors, the pastor is given the authority to select an assistant(s), subject to consent and approval of the church body.

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Article VI - Deacon Ministry

Section 1 - Functions and Responsibilities:

A. Functions:
The Deacons are to serve where assigned by the Pastor in performing pastoral ministries: Proclaiming the gospel to believers and unbelievers, caring for the church members and others in the community, leading the church to engage in fellowship, worship, witness, education, ministry and application.

B. Responsibilities:

  • Encourage Christian Fellowship among church members.
  • Be a Born Again Believer, active in the total program of the church.
  • Actively sharing in information about the church's life and work.
  • Participate in the planned growth and giving process.
  • Be involved in witnessing activities.

C. Care for Church Members:

  • Ministering in times of crisis.
  • Listening to burdened persons.
  • Referring persons in need to qualified sources for assistance.
  • Provide a personal support to the church activities, in areas of need, and stand with the pastor as a servant in ministry.
  • Coordinate decisions made during worship service.

D. Tenure:
A deacon may serve the church as long as he maintains deacon's integrity according to Scripture (I Timothy 3:8-13). If a deacon becomes incapacitated, then he will be known as a Deacon Emeritus.

E. Election:
There shall be a ministry of seven (7) or more deacons. The deacons shall be ordained to do their work according to Acts 6:1-8, and I Timothy 3:8-13. Deacons shall be elected by the following procedures:

  • Generate a list of potential nominees from nominations submitted by the congregation at a regular Sunday Morning Service.
  • Review the list with the pastor for his approval
  • Contact each nominee to explain the duties and responsibilities of a deacon
  • Determine the willingness of the individual to serve if elected.
  • The nominee list will then be presented at a conference. In case of a vacancy caused by death, removal, resignation or incapacity to serve, the church may elect deacons to fill the un-expired term.

F. Qualifications:
As stated in section B, the scriptural qualifications are the same. No person shall be presented as a candidate for deacon unless he has been a member of the church for at least two (2) years. The church may find good and sufficient cause remove any deacon from office. There is no obligation to constitute an active deacon, as a person who comes to the church from another church where he served as deacon.

G. Office Tenure:
The chairman of Deacons should not serve more than two (2) consecutive years.

H. Removing of a Deacon:
The Deacons may recommend that any active Deacon be removed for any activity and conduct unbecoming a Deacon. This requires a vote in the Deacon's meeting and two thirds (2/3) of those voting must favor removal. It would then be presented to the church and must receive a two thirds (2/3) for removal vote.

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Article VII - Deaconess Ministry

Section 1- Functions and Responsibilities:
In accordance with the meaning of the work an practice of Deacons in the New Testament, Deacons and Deaconess are to be servants of the church. Their responsibility is to serve with the Pastor and staff in performing the Pastoral duties of the church.

Section 2 - Tenure:
A Deaconess may serve the church as long as she maintains Deaconess integrity according to the Scripture (Romans 16: 1-2). If a Deaconess becomes incapacitated, then she will be known as a Deaconess Emeritus.

Section 3 - Elections:
The members of the Deaconess Ministry shall be elected upon the recommendation of the Pastor and the Deacons Ministry.

Section 4 - Removing A Deaconess:
The Pastor, Deacons, and Deaconess Ministries may recommend that any active Deaconess be removed for any activity and conduct unbecoming a Deaconess. This requires a vote in the Deaconess meeting and two thirds (2/3) of those voting must favor removal. It would then be presented to the church and receive a two thirds (2/3) for removal vote.

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Article VIII - Trustees Ministry

Section 1 - Qualifications and Responsibilities:
  • Be a born again believer, active in the total program of the church.
  • Be responsible to the church for serving as legal representatives of the church as the church directs them.
  • Shall hold in trust all church property.
  • Shall not have the power to buy, sell, mortgage, lease, or transfer any property without the specific vote of the church.
  • Shall affix their signature to the legal documents involving sale, mortgage, purchase, or rental of property or any other legal documents where the signatures of the Trustees are required.
  • Other legal documents requiring individual signatures on behalf of the church shall be signed by the officers of the church.

Section 2 - Elections:
As the need arises this office shall be filled upon the recommendations from the Pastor, Deacons and Trustees Ministry.

Section 3 - Office Tenure:
The chairman of the Trustees shall not serve more than three (3) consecutive years. If a Trustee becomes incapacitated, then he/she will be known as Trustee Emeritus.

Section 4 - Removing of a Trustee:
A Trustee may serve the church as long as he/she maintains Trustee integrity according to Scripture (Acts 6:1-5). This requires a vote in the Trustee's meeting and two thirds (2/3) of those voting must favor removal. It would then be presented to the Pastor, Deacons, and Trustee's ministries and to the church and receive a two thirds (2/3) for removal vote.

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Article IX - Church Officers and Ministries

Church officers shall include the moderator (pastor), in his absence the chairman/vice chairman of the Deacons will serve. Other church officers shall include chairman/vice chairman of Trustees, Clerk/assistant Clerk, and Treasurer/assistant Treasurer. All officers are to be born again believers who are active in the total program of the church. As long as these officers faithfully execute his or her duties, they shall be reinstated or elected at annual conferences.

A. Clerk / Assistant Clerk:
He/she shall keep in a suitable book a record of all the actions of the church except as otherwise herein provided. To be responsible for keeping a register of the names of the members with dates of admission, dismissal, or death, also a record of baptism. Issue letters of dismissal voted by the church, prepare bulletins, programs, preserve on file all communications and written official reports, and give legal notice of all meetings where such notice is necessary. The church records are church property and should be filed in the church.

B. Treasurer/Assistant Treasurer:
It shall be the duty of the treasurer to receive, preserve and payout upon receipt of vouchers approved and signed by authorized persons, all money or things of value paid or given at the church, keeping at all times an itemized account of all receipts and disbursements. The Treasurers shall be custodians for all monies contributed to the church through tithes, offerings, building funds and Ministries. To see that all funds are properly deposited, and bank statements, canceled checks records are maintained at the church. Sign all checks disbursed, and are bonded.

C. Sunday School Superintendent / Assistant Ministry:
The Superintendents are responsible to the church for planning, conducting, and evaluating the value of this ministry.

  1. Lead in determining the Sunday school's needs to reach and teach effectively
  2. Give directions to the enlisting of workers.
  3. Give support and guidance to other officers in accomplishing his/her work.
  4. Help in leading all workers to become effective witnesses to lost persons.
  5. Help workers see the importance of involving people in effective Bible study.
  6. Determine training needs of the workers and develop a comprehensive training plan.
  7. Lead teachers / workers in setting challenging and reachable goals.
  8. Give assistance to the selection of teachers.
  9. Determine financial and physical resources needed.
  10. Assist the church in planning conducting and evaluating the Vacation Bible School.
  11. Should be enrolled in the Bible Teaching Program of the church.

D. Sunday School Secretary / Assistant Ministry

  1. Guide enrollment procedures for the school
  2. Maintain a master enrollment file on all phases of the Sunday School program.
  3. Compile request for literature and other resources from the departments an submit to the superintendent(s).
  4. Record the minutes and share information with the members.

E. Sunday School Teachers Ministry:
Teachers are responsible to teach, lead, guide, and encourage the classes in Bible Study and apply Christian principles to all areas of life. Create learning activities for the class and carry the total work of the class.

  1. Understand the classes' role in the work of the church.
  2. Seek to understand and to use effectively the principles teaching and learning.
  3. Serve as mend, sensitive and helpful to the many needs of the class members.
  4. Accept personal responsibilities in enlistment and witnessing.
  5. Participate in the training sessions held for the Sunday School Ministry.
  6. Guide students in spiritual growth, including conversion as the Holy Spirit directs.

F. Usher's Ministry:
The Ushers coordinate the greeting an seating of people at all church functions in the sanctuary and fellowship hall.

  1. Must obey dress code
  2. Must obey code of conduct.
  3. Must participate in the planned growth and giving process.
  4. Must serve at all services.
  5. Assure that the sanctuary is in comfortable physical order before each service.
  6. Check to make sure offering plates, orders of worship and other needed aides and supplies are in their proper places.
  7. Seat people according to available seats.
  8. Take care of reserved section for special guest.
  9. Be attentive to the needs of persons conducting service.
  10. Give directions and answer questions as needed.

G. Missionary and Matron's Ministry:
This Ministry, (Matthew 9:35-36), shall assist in the promotion of the evangelistic program of the church.

  1. Plan for and promote visitation with personal evangelism as the primary purpose.
  2. Shall make special effort to increase Missionary interest and zeal of the church.
  3. Develop on a continuing basis programs and activities that will strengthen and promote the spiritual and social growth of the church.
  4. The Matrons are to work closely with the WMU, under who's auspice they are organized.

H. Brotherhood Ministry:
To provide for the men in the church a strong mission opportunity to evangelize in the community through fellowship, worship, and participation.

  1. To interact with the young and the old thereby strengthening all males of the church.
  2. To produce mature, active, and involved men for mission and education.
  3. To promote fellowship and brotherly love within the church, community, state, and nationwide.
  4. Must participate in the planned growth and giving process.

I. Music Ministry:
To provide worship through songs for all services of the church, both regular and special

  1. Allow all to see and hear music and drama expressed through God's promises.
  2. Glorifying - Edifying - Fellowship - Evangelism.

Music Director(s) Duties:

  1. work closely with the pastor in planning and coordinating the music for worship services and special programs.
  2. Funerals - coordinate music for (unless other wise specified).
  3. Revival- makes sure a musician and choir is on duty or stand by each night.
  4. Coordinate music for Easter, Christmas, Vacation Bible School, afternoon, and evening programs.

J. Golden Age Ministry:
To provide a source of blessings and comfort for persons sixty two (62) years of age and older.

K. Pastor's Aid Ministry:
This ministry is responsible for planning and coordinating programs for special services, such as anniversaries, appreciation, and other needs.

L. Youth Ministry:
They shall develop Bible study programs and training activities that will strengthen and promote the spiritual and social growth of the church. Encourage youth to be involved in the total program of the church.

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Article X - Committees

The church shall establish such committees as are required to accomplish its' stated objectives and purpose.

A. Auditing Committee:
It shall be the duty of this committee to render to the church at each regular conference an itemized report of the receipts and disbursements. This is to be done by auditing the finance records/treasurer book, and give copies of report to members.

B. Budget Committee:
It shall be the duty of this committee to prepare the fiscal year budget for the church by annual conference. A vote of two thirds (2/3) of the members present and qualified to vote shall be necessary for the budget to go into effect.

Article XI - Church Year

The church calendar shall begin the first of October and close the thirtieth of September. (October 1 - September 30). Annual Information Meeting is held the last Thursday before the first Sunday in October. Information Meetings are to be held two times each year. Information meetings may be held as needed at the request of the Pastor or Chairman of Deacon's Ministry.

Article XII - Amendments

Amendments to this constitution and by - laws may be made at any duly called information meeting by two thirds (2/3) vote of active members present and voting.

Article XIII - Church Procedures Manual

The Church Procedures Manual shall publish information for the congregation concerning specific job descriptions, duties, responsibilities, and qualifications of various leadership positions. The manual shall also include general policies and guidelines adopted by the congregation related to the efficient working of the various parts of the church organization under normal circumstances. The Church Procedure Manual shall be reviewed at least every three (3) years by a special committee. Any recommended changes to the Procedure Manual must be recommended to the congregation in a conference. Changes in the manual require the approval of two thirds (2/3) of members present and qualified to vote. In the event of a contradiction, the by - laws shall prevail over the Procedure Manual.

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Operations & Procedures Manual

The Operations and Procedures Manual is designed to be a companion manual to the By-laws of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church. The By-laws give general guidelines for the internal management of the church and deal with the way in which the church is structured.

The Operations and Procedures Manual ("OPM") is a manual which deals specifically with the methodology and process in which daily operations of the church are governed. The OPM is therefore a dynamic and flexible document, designed to specify policies, procedures and methods by which the day-to-day operations occur. The OPM may be changed as the needs and ministries of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church change.

The OPM will be amended and altered from time to time to incorporate the following types of reasons:

  • Changes due to policy changes for the church needs
  • Changes due to legal requirements relative to the human resources area
  • Changes due to alteration or adjustments of personnel policies
  • Changes due to additions of policies relative to church management
  • Changes due to additions of policy papers on biblical issues

When any proposed changes are submitted and sufficient evaluation for consistency with the church by-laws and all other operational policies and procedures has been made, the motion will be brought before the leadership board, consisting of the Deacons and Pastors, to amend the OPM. Only upon approval of the leadership board can the OPM be changed or amended. It is the primary responsibility of the staff of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church to oversee the relevance of the OPM and evaluate the relevance of the information in the OPM on a regular basis, making recommendations to the leadership board for changes as necessary to maintain adequacy in the operations of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church.

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Section 1: Funeral Policies

Sunday Funerals:
There will be no Sunday funerals at the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Sanctuary: This does not include burials or the usage of the fellowship hall.

Graveyard Procedures/Plots Policy for Burial

  1. All members must pay a contribution of $600 yearly, to be an active member. If you are an active member for 5 years prior to turning 75 year old, then the $600 is not applicable.
  2. All children of active parents (23 years of age and under) and are actively enrolled in college are free. (Does not include grad school students) "Children who are Special Needs and their parent / legal guardian is an active member are free.
  3. All infants (0 to 12mo) of inactive members will pay $200 for burial.
  4. All members who are away but make contributions must pay $600 yearly.
  5. All members over the age of 21 and have not paid $600 yearly will have to pay $1.200 for burial.
  6. All non-members who are the spouse of an active member will have to pay $1200 for a burial plot.
  7. If you are an active member with PHBC (tither) and you want a graveyard plot, you should get the graveyard committee and stake off your burial plot.
  1. Inactive persons, who have joined PHBC and have not paid the $600 yearly contribution for (2) two consecutive years, are considered as non-member and will have to pay $1,400 for burial.
  2. Non-Members will have to pay $3,000 for their burial plot.
  3. Non-Members who are not an immediate family member to an active member of the church will not be buried at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church. Immediate Family: Spouse, Children, Parents, Siblings, Grandchildren to include adopted family

Cremation Policy:

  • Non-member will pay $200.00
  • An inactive member will pay $100.00

No fee for an active member.
There will be a designated area in place for cremation and babies

Grave Markers:
$300.00 markers for grave, this is to be paid before burial. This is to allow all members who do not have a marker to have one. If the family put a marker within 90 days of burial the $300.00 will be refunded to the family.

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Section 2: Check Request & Voucher Policy
Funds request vouchers must be turned in to the designated voucher approval personnel. At that time this personnel will check for the individual ministry budget availability before approval. The voucher must be signed by the individual Ministry Head to be accepted by the approval personnel. Funds requests must be turned in two weeks in advance to ensure checks are available on the next issue date.

Reimbursement vouchers must be accompanied by the purchase receipt. These checks will be issued on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. Reimbursement vouchers that are not pre-approved, are not guaranteed to be paid if no available funds exist in the applying ministry's budget.

Emergency check requests will be accepted on a per case basis and are subject to approval by the Administrative Pastor and authorized approval personnel.

Vouchers are available in the church office or from church secretary.

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Section 3: Facilities Use Policy
Fellowship Hall Use (Including Shelter and Playground)
Requests for the use of PHBC facilities must be submitted through a Facilities Request Form. Form is to be turned in to the Chairman or Asst. Chairman of Trustees 30 days prior to the actual planned date of activity. The following fees and regulations apply:

Members: Fellowship Hall / Shelter Playground
$150 Up Front Usage Fee consisting of a refundable deposit and non-refundable clean-up fee.

  • Clean-Up Fee - $50
  • Refundable Deposit- $100

Non-Members: Fellowship Hall / Playground-Shelter
Below Usage Fee must be submitted before the day of event:

  • 4 Hours - $200
  • 8 Hours - $400

Wedding Ceremony Policy
The use of PHBC facilities for wedding ceremonies consists of total facility use including preceding night for rehearsal activities. Active member (one who has given $600 per year toward tithes) is required to pay $150 for their Wedding Ceremony in advance. This fee consists of a $100 refundable deposit and a $50 non-refundable fee for sexton's extra cleaning. An inactive member (one who has not given $600 per year toward tithes) is required to pay $600 for their Wedding Ceremony in advance. The same fee applies for Non-Members.

The sexton will be paid $50 for active member ceremonies and $75 for inactive and non-member ceremonies to cover extra cleaning.

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Section 4: Missions Policy
Hospital Stay Policy

PHBC will extend a love offering gift of $50 to each member that is subject to a hospital stay. This gift is our ways of letting our members know they are in our hearts and prayers during this time. Any monetary assistance needed will be handled on a per case basis by the Benevolence Committee of PHBC.

Section 5: Payroll Personnel Policy
Personnel Policies
It is our intent to acquaint our employees and ministry team members with the various aspects of employment at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church. This section deals with our policies and requirements in this respect. Each ministry team member is expected to inquire as to specific circumstances, and we always welcome questions for reasons of clarification. This policy will be facilitated by the Administrative Pastor. The Deacon liaison over each ministry will monitor the paid staff and report to the Administrative Pastor for any needed active or review.

Attendance Policy
Attendance is expected to be maintained according to the work schedule for which each employee is responsible. Since we are serving the Lord in His work, we expect each employee to act in accordance to the commitments and duties required of them. Tardiness is not consistent with our commitments. Should there be a reason for not being able to be at work at the regularly scheduled hours, or should there be a reason to leave early or otherwise need to alter the work schedule, employees are required to contact the administrator of this policy to communicate the need and clear any absences in advance.

  • In cases of illness, emergency, unforeseen circumstances, or any other type of absence, the staff member is responsible for getting a suitable replacement for their duties to qualify for an excused absence.
  • The staff member is responsible for any compensation that is owed to the person filling in for them.
  • All members are expected to be on time for work or service. Chronic lateness will not be tolerated.
  • Three unexcused instances of tardiness will equal one absence.
  • Each unexcused absence will result in a deduction of 1/4 of monthly salary for weekly duties and 1/8th of monthly salary for bi-weekly duties.

Performance Reviews
Each employee will be evaluated on the basis of his or her job performance at least once each year by means of a "Performance Review." This is a pre-defined review or analysis of many aspects of the employee's job. The employee will have the entire process described to him or her prior to the review and will have the opportunity to ask questions and review the results of the evaluation with the supervisor who actually does the review.

Statement of At-Will Employment
Your employment relationship with Pleasant Hill Baptist Church is on an "at-will basis," which means that you may resign at any time and Pleasant Hill Baptist Church may discharge you at any time with reasonable cause. Upon any resignation the employee is required to work a two week notice. Any termination requests will be made by the Administrative Pastor and approved by the Deacons and Senior Pastor. - Back to Top -

Section 6: Cash Handling Procedure

  1. Designate Counter for each category of money (SS, Missions, T/O) and total deposit counter for the day (total counter will confirm each category also).
  2. Separate all moneys from T/O envelopes then one person counts
  3. Counter from each category will report total to recorder for confirmation
  4. After confirming category total, record totals on the Income Summary Sheet
  5. Place money from category into total deposit area.
  6. After all categories have been counted and confirmed all money should be counted by a designated counter for the total deposit.
  7. Confirm total deposit amount with the Income Summary Sheet Total
  8. Once the match of records and the total deposit count has been confirmed then place money into deposit bag and seal.

Confirming a count means to recount the category money before recording on Sum. Sheet. One person should be designated each Sunday as the total deposit counter and that person and the recorder should confirm individual category totals. Never record an amount without confirming the count first. Any individual ministry income is to be turned in to the finance room immediately after service and confirmed by member of counting committee.

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