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Hospitality Ministry

To welcome and greet people to God's House with a smile. We strive to show God's people love before they even reach the church doors. We also help direct guest to different areas of the church as needed.

Goals for 2013:
To acquire new members for the Hospitality Ministry.

George "Cool Rock" Kennedy, Peggy Dotson, Virginia Johnson

Virginia Johnson

Usher Ministry

An usher is one who is Christ-like; who serves in God's house, maintaining quietness and reverence; meeting, greeting, and seating the worshippers; and also one who represents Christ and the Church.

Their purpose then and still today is "to promote spiritual dignity to the entire church service." This is done by establishing appropriate sitting for worship. When the people gather and are seated ushers are to see that they assemble in an orderly manner and that a spirit of quietness and reverence prevails.

A description of our ministry would be that of a servant. We are to make members and visitors feel welcome and comfortable, especially the poor, cripple and the blind. We are to always be watchful and quick to act. The one great factor of success in any ministry is the discipline by which it is controlled. Our guidance must come from within, motivated by our love for God and for the service we render.

Our goals were to work with ministries to better serve the church, do outreach, work with the Rocky River Assoc. ushers, and add to the ministry. PHBC Usher's Ministry consists of:

President: Donnie Moore
Vice President: Margaret Simmons
Secretary: Peggy Dotson
Treasurer: Mary Boseman
Chaplin: Loretta Groves
Youth Usher's Leader: Alpine Hunt

Members: Earlene Cowans, Robert Campbell, Janie Thompson, Tiffany Palmer, and Earl Thompson
Youth Ushers: Jasmine William and Destiny Williams.

Usher's Motto:
To know what to do is wisdom. To know how to do it is skill. To do the things that should be done is service and this is our usher's will.

Pastor's Aid Ministry

To assist the Pastor and his family in every way possible according to God's will. We assist the need through prayer, encouragement, and purchasing small items. The Pastor's Aid also assists other ministries with church functions through donations and service.

In order to be a part of Pastor's Aid, a member be a child of God, love your pastor, having a willing heart and the mind to work and the courage to face difficulties. Our income will come from our offering which is $5.00 a month from adults and $2.00 for the junior members. We also do a fund raiser to help with other finances.

President: Margaret Simmons
Vice President: Robert Campbell
Secretary: Nettie Smith Treasure: Loretta Groves
Chaplain: Alpine Hunt

Members: Mary Boseman, Robert Campbell, Earlene Cowans, Patricia Gadsen, Loretta Groves, Alpine Hunt, Inez Lee, Margaret Simmons, Nettie Smith, Della Walker and Perscilla Williford Monica Allen and Destiny Allen.

Deacon Ministry

Deacons have a rich and noble heritage in family ministry. It was a family-related need which called this office into being, namely, the economic needs of widows in the early church (Acts 6:1-7). These seven laymen who worked with the apostles in meeting this need were known as the First Deacons. Acts 6:3 Therefore brothers, look ye out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom and whom we may appoint over this Business.

The deacons help the pastor in ministering to physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of each church member and family. Every member and every family have a Deacon to call, pray with them, and try to meet their needs.

Chairman: Donnie Moore
Vice Chairman: Ronald Thompson
Secretary: Lawrence Groves
Chaplain: Joe Davis
Members: Manford Thompson, Lawrence Grove, Joe Davis, Ronald Thompson, Donnie Moore, and Earl Thompson

Senior Heritage Ministry

Details coming Soon.

Music Ministry

Details coming Soon.

Minister of Music

Details coming Soon.

WMS Ministry

We support the Union meetings, Women's Association, State convention, visit nursing homes, residential homes, the sick and shut-in and help the church functions. We pay an $85 offering a year to help with our expenses. We are one of the oldest ministries in the church. We have a fellowship meal once a month at different restaurants and visit the nursing homes.

President and Secretary: Nettie Smith
Vice president: Orga Groves
Treasurer: Daisy Rice
Chaplin: Lessie Thompson
Members: Alpine Hunt, Angela Boggs, Carmelia Johnson, Inez Lee, Mary Boseman, Nettie Smith, Orga Groves, Daisy Rice, Tiffany Palmer and Lessie Thompson

Praise Team

Details coming Soon.

Health Ministry

Details coming Soon.

Sunday School

Details coming Soon.

Children's Ministry

Members: Doris Boseman, Angela Bugg, Cassandra Whitfield, Rev Larenzo Whitfield, Inez Lee, and Alpine Hunt.